5 Key To Promote CPA Offers

By | March 12, 2018

1 Niche site

Here’s what the big dogs do:

1 Set up a site

2 Optimize it for conversions

3 Get traffic

4 Make bank

let me give you an example:

Let’s say you want to get people to register for a credit card…

…here’s what the folks over at moneysupermarket.com do:

You click the credit card button and it takes you to a survey that helps you pick a card and a few articles optimized to take you to that survey.

Each time someone applies for a credit card, they get a commission… which is almost every time someone gets to that survey since people don’t just take such surveys for fun, they do them when they need credit cards.

But they don’t just have a: ‘apply for a CC here” dull page and hope to get signups, they have made the process a fun survey that will supposedly help you get approved by picking the right card.

That’s how it’s done.

How to get traffic to that survey?

Easy, which by the way is why I always say traffic is easy, converting it is what matters…

…go to Bing, or Google (more expensive) setup a bid for, let’s say:

‘get a credit card today’


‘wanna find the right credit card for you?’


‘get approved for a credit card the fun way’

and not just

‘credit card’

and you will get tons of people who would gladly fill out the survey.

Same with other shit like energy bills, insurance etc…

…or you can make a hub for all kinds of offers, you just have to be careful not to turn it into one of those blinking banners spammy sites no one likes.

2 Tool site

This one actually works like fucken magic… though it takes some time to build up your site, you have to blog a lot, you can get paid traffic, but the better option is to produce content often and create a huge site.

Let’s say you find a SEO related offer.

You can do the following:

– put up a SEO blog

– make you home page an analyzing tool like this one:

write a lot of articles and link to that page

Some of these articles will get to page one of google sooner or later and will get you a ton of traffic.

I know it’s a lot of work, but if you want to make money, you have to treat CPA marketing like a business and not just like a quick way to make a buck.

There’s no fast money, there is no easy money, there is no getting rich tomorrow…

…there is a a lot of work and sweat, and after a few years a lot of yachts and easy money LOL.

You can of course come up with whatever tool you think of, and you might need someone to code it for you if you are not that much into that shit (I’m not).

2.5 You can also just create some cool tool, let people download it for free and offer CPAs throughout the installation steps.

3 Facebook page

This is possibly the easiest way to make money with CPA offers.

Here’s what you need to do:

– setup a game page like the one I used years ago (still brings some cash):


– build it via facebook ads

They are cheap and will get you fans pretty fast.

– set up a call to action button that leads to registering and playing the game. You can also create an app, that’s what I did, both are easy and if you don’t know how to do them, you can search Google.

The call to action button is right there at the top of each page and can be set up in minutes.

4 Game site

If the Facebook page is not enough, you can take it a bit further and create a gaming site.

People love games, I do too, I still play Heroes of might and magic and if you gave me a link, I’d ditch this post and head right to that site to play LOL

Getting people to play games is possibly the easiest and most fun way to make money via CPA marketing.

It’s a win win situation – you make money, people have fun and everybody is happy.

You can again get traffic via FB ads, as people who hang out on Facebook are mostly time killers…

…use social lead freak to target keen gamers, yah, you can do that with it and more cool stuff, read this article if you want to see what I mean:

or just get it if you want to get serious about Facebook traffic.

5 Torrent software

This method needs a little bit of investing and then getting people to use your software, yet it works insanely well.

You need to build a software like mtorrent of bittorent and then get people to go register and play some game while waiting to download shit…

…or you can get them to do whatever you want, people who use such software are possibly the best target group for CPAs since they constantly download free stuff and don’t mind seeing your offer over and over… and you know what this means – a lot of clicks and money for you.

Bonus method 6

Ok, I know all methods above need money, some of them a lot, so I’ll show you how to promote for free using huge sites as leverage.

You’re gonna need a little bit more time though… but you either pay with time or money, no other option.

You can leverage Amazon, Ebay and any of the huge sites, here’s what to do:

– write a book

something that you know, it doesn’t have to be a bestseller.

– give it away

– find an offer relevant to you book

– link to that offer in the preview so more people could see that link and click it.

I haven’t done this with CPA offers, but I’ve done it to get leads… and it’s the same.

That’s how you promote CPA offers to make bank.


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